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There are many reasons to bring your group or tour to Rocky Point, Mexico and a wealth of things to do while you are there.  Activities can range anywhere from Scuba diving, snorkeling, trips to bird island, deep sea fishing, golfing, or just plain relaxing on the beach.

We know that it is important when planning your group or tour outing that you have the right lodging for your excursion.  We recognize this and we want to help!  We also realize that when planning your trip, it is sometimes beneficial to leave the lodging portion to someone else while you plan your group events.  That is where a Reservations at the Point group/tour specialist can come in and help.  We have an extensive inventory of condos, resorts, beach homes and hotels in Rocky Point to help you make the right choice for you.  Let us guide your group to the best places to stay for your needs and your budget. 

In order to make your event special, we go the extra mile for your group.  What do we do for your group or tour outing?  When you are making group or tour accommodation reservations with Reservations at the Point we will do the following.

We will assign a dedicated reservation specialist or team of specialists to cater to your party.  
We understand that when planning your trip, it is best for you to know that you can work with a dedicated specialist that will understand the direct needs of your group.  You can also give your group this single point of contact as well, in order to assist them in making their reservations.

Tell us what you want to do and we will assist
Let us know what you want to do while on your trip and we can make suggestions on how to do this.

Group/Tour discounts
Because you are planning your group/tour lodging with Reservations at the Point, we are able to provide you and your group with lodging discounts.  By working with our group “organizer”, they will help you get the best possible lodging discounts for your group.

We look forward to making your trip a SUCCESS.  Start your planning today!  Contact our group and tour organizers now.  E-mail us at toursandpackages@sonoranseacondo.com. Please include your name and phone number and one of our tour/group organizers will contact you within 24-48 hours.