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Year Round Temperatures:
Dec. to Feb. – 67/41 F°
March to May – 80/62 F°
June to Aug. – 98/71 F°
Sept. to Nov. – 85/64 F°

If you are going to a condo in rocky point, the sun shines almost all year round. The Puerto Penasco Weather is one of the main reasons people rent their condo in Rocky Point.

Puerto Penasco Weather experiences only 2 inches of rain a year so a dry trip with plenty of sunshine is pretty much guaranteed. For most of the year the days are sunny and warm.

During the winter months the days are warm although the nights can get a bit chilly.


The summer months, especially June through September can be warm because the 90-degree plus temperatures combine with high humidity. 
However, because the water temperature is above 80 degrees and here is almost always an ocean breeze to produce pleasant evenings, some people find this time of the year to be their favorite.


Yearly Averages: 

2 inches — mostly in December and January and late summer.