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Sandy Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

If you are looking for an economical approach to vacationing in Rocky Point, then the Laos Mar Resort is exactly what you should be looking for. Although it isn’t the absolute best hotel in the area, it still gets the job done when you are looking to vacation with some friends next to the beautiful Sea of Cortez. The Popularity of the Laos Mar Hotel has been booming over the past few years because of how nice the place is, even though it is cheaper than some of the other resorts available in Rocky Point.

Many families make repeat appearances to Laos Mar Rocky Point because it is very hard to find a place that beats it for the amount of fun and relaxation you can have there. If you are working hard all year long, there comes a time every now and then where you need to just drop all of your responsibilities and come down to Laos Mar Puerto Penasco. Playa Bonita is rather close to the Laos Mar Resort, so you can head over there to the restaurant and bar whenever you are looking to mingle or grab a bite to eat. The pool and Jacuzzi can keep the kids entertained with each other all day, while you and your significant other can spend a romantic week together in paradise.

There are two different sides of the Laos Mar Hotel, one side giving you a view of the ocean, while the other gives you an interesting view of the remote desert. All rooms are double occupancy, except for the one bedroom suite that comes with a kitchenette. Many people want to bring something back to remember their time at Laos Mar Rocky Point, and the best place to find something to bring back for yourself or a friend is the gift shop. There you will find many different items that represent Mexico and its culture that will make you feel like you are back on the beach every time you see them.

When you stay at Laos Mar Puerto Penasco, you are only a block away from the beach, so you don’t ever have to worry about making a long trek just to get down to the water. Also, if you don’t feel like heading down to the beach, you can stay poolside all day and work on that tan. Since you will be in walking distance of the Sea of Cortez, that means you are in walking distance of deep sea fishing, jet skiing, and other fun times on the water when you stay at the resort.

All rooms come with air conditioning at the Laos Mar Hotel, so you don’t have to worry about being overheated at night when you are trying to get some beauty sleep for the next day. Try to book your stay at Laos Mar Rocky Point in advance because it is a very popular travel destination. If you book your reservation right away, you won’t have to worry about being able to book the exact dates you want in the future.Laos Mar is right near Playa Bonita, making it very close in proximity to the restaurant and bar. Rooms are Double occupancy ocean view and double occupancy desert view.  There is also a 1 bedroom suite with kitchenette. Amenities include: pool, jacuzzi and a gift shop.