border, crossing, border crossing, crossing the border, passports, passport cards, Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico
border, crossing, border crossing, crossing the border, passports, passport cards, Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico
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Crossing the Border
Crossing back in to Arizona from Rocky Point is a very simple process. All you need is $1,000.00 is cash per person and a case of Budweiser. Just kidding. You only need a Birth Certificate and a state issued I.D. like a drivers license. Starting July of this year every one returning back in to Arizona from Mexico will need a Passport or the new Passport card which is half the price of a Passport (around $50.00). We believe this date will be delayed until some time next year.
If your not planing on any big trips to the other side of our planet we say go with the cheaper Passport card. It lasts 10 years and it is credit card size so it fits easily in to your wallet or purse. Most Post offices have both the Passport and the Passport card application forms. Call your local Post office first to make sure they have them.
Your usual crossing time is 15 minutes getting back in to Arizona and one to five minutes getting in to Mexico. Unless your stopped. Pray your not. It is quite rare but if you or your car look suspicious the patrol agents will take every thing out of your car, check it,  and make you put every thing back in.
Most times even if you are stopped they only ask you a few questions and send you on your way. I have seen a few trucks carrying quad racers on trailers with gallons of gas loaded up in the back of the truck that get a little grief from the Mexican patrol agents. Apparently there is a limit on how much fuel you can bring in to Mexico. We think they want you to buy items like this in Mexico.
A few weeks ago our family stayed in Rocky Point for New Years Eve at the Beautiful Sonoran Sea Resort. Getting in to and out of Mexico was a breeze. Two minutes in and five minutes out. Remember, Rocky Point is your closest beach and you know you need a vacation. Pack up the family and go. Most of the resort and hotel are offering unreal specials this time of the year. Give us a call if you have any questions. Have a great new year and don't forget the sunblock.
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