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Sonoran Sea Resort Sonoran Sun Resort Sonoran Sky Resort
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Las Palomas Resort Princesa De Penasco Sonoran Spa Resort
Las Palomas
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Casa Blanca Resort Las Palmas Resort Marina Pinacate
Casa Blanca
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Las Gaviotas Bella Sirena Resort  
Las Gaviotas
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Bella Sirena
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Are you looking to stay in one of the many Rocky Point Resorts located in beautiful Rocky Point, Mexico?  The resorts in Rocky Point are great vacation spots for a quick weekend getaway, or even a longer stay during the week.  The choice is yours and once you are in Rocky Point, you will find plenty of things to do.  When staying in a resort in Rocky Point you will be able to enjoy the beach, the Sea of Cortez and all that the resorts have to offer.  If you are looking for information about the different Rocky Point Resorts you have come to the right place.  We provide guests with all the information they need to know about all of the resorts in Rocky Point, and we specialize in providing the reservations for all of the Rocky Point Resorts.  Book online, or call as we have friendly customer service oriented reservation specialists ready to assist.  If you are looking for Rocky Point hotels, you can find out more information about them here, Rocky Point Hotels 

There are eleven different Puerto Penasco resorts in Puerto Penasco, Mexico aka Rocky Point Mexico and they are located on Sandy Beach.  They all offer their own little special qualities and things that make each resort unique. For a specific detailed look at each of the resorts in Rocky Point, we invite you to visit the individual resorts pages.  To go to the individual resort pages, simply click on a resort thumbnail picture above and read about what the resort has to offer as well as view things like resort amenities, resort picture galleries and other unique details to each resort.  Here is an example of a resort specific page where you can learn more information unique to that particular resort Las Palomas Resort  

One thing all the resorts in Puerto Penasco have in common is that the condos for rent are individually owned, and thus uniquely decorated.  The condos in the resorts range from 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condos up to 4 bedroom condos.  Each resort has different totals of 1 bedroom condos, vs 2 bedroom condos etc.  Please refer to the individual resort pages for specific details.  The condos come with many of the comforts of home to include dishwashers, dishes and utensils, washers, dryers, refrigerators, cable Tv and of course great views.

The resorts in Puerto Penasco are managed by property managers who oversee the condos in the resort for the renting owners.  The property managers handle daily resort duties, up keep/maintenance, and resort management.  The property managers of the resorts provide the staff, the security, the maintenance team, and the housekeepers.  They are very good at what they do and they provide a great service to the resorts.  This in turn allows guests to simply enjoy their vacations.

Where are the resorts in Rocky Point Mexico located?  The most popular resorts in Rocky Point are located on what is called Sandy Beach.  Sandy Beach has long been a vacation destination for many visitors.  Before the resorts starting arriving to Sandy Beach, travelers to Sandy Beach would simply camp on the beach in tents. This was very popular, and once in awhile you will find people who still miss the old days of camping on the beach but love the new resorts on the beach now.

Why is a Rocky Point resort a good choice for your vacation lodging in Rocky Point?
The answer to that question would be a matter of personal preference.  However, one constant in the resorts is the amenities that they offer for their guests.  Whether it is the ability to enjoy a swimming pool, an on-site restaurant or tennis courts there are many things to do at the resorts on Sandy Beach.  Again all the Puerto Penasco resorts have their own unique qualities.

Are Puerto Penasco Resorts the same as Rocky Point Resorts?
Yes, Puerto Penasco is the Spanish name, Rocky Point Mexico is a given name that travelers from the United States commonly use to refer to Puerto Penasco Mexico as.  So, they are one in the same and Puerto Penasco resorts are the same thing as Rocky Point Resorts.

If you have any questions about the Puerto Penasco Resorts specifically, or perhaps just general questions about the resorts in Rocky Point, feel free to call us and talk to our friendly staff at 1-888-686-5575 They have been to all the resorts in Rocky Point and are very eager to assist.